Education, Housing & Escaping Poverty

Everyone knows the best route out of poverty is a good education. But with so many poor communities suffering from poor schools, how do we break this cycle? Mixed income housing developments is a promising idea that’s been touted for years. Now we are starting to see greater attention being paid to this important priority:

Low-income students in Montgomery County performed better when they attended affluent elementary schools instead of ones with higher concentrations of poverty, according to a new study that suggests economic integration is a powerful but neglected school-reform tool.

Fundamentally we are talking about equality of opportunity for all. Mixed income housing developments means low-income children can have access to the same school as middle  and high-income children. This study shows that the integration has achieved the best results out of any other educational reform tool so far:

After seven years, the children in the lower-poverty schools performed 8 percentage points higher on standardized math tests than their peers attending the higher-poverty schools – even though the county had targeted them with extra resources. Students in these schools scored modestly higher on reading tests, but those results were not statistically significant.


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