Facebook Housing Trivia – Craigslist Edition

Every Thursday, HOME posts a housing related trivia question on our Facebook page. The trivia question for Thursday August 4th really stumped our Facebook friends because no one was able to answer it. I am reposting the Trivia question below along with the answer.

Thursday Trivia Question: What is wrong with this ad? There are (3) violations of the Virginia Fair Housing Act and Federal Fair Housing Laws. What are they?

This is a real Craigslist ad that HOME staff saw online.

Answer: The 3 violations are

  • gender/sex
  • color
  • national origin

The individual who posted this ad to rent out an apartment violated fair housing laws because they expressed a bias towards renting to a light-skinned (color), Hispanic (national origin) female (gender/sex).

Why is this big deal? Fair housing laws protect our freedom to live in a place of our choosing. Our race, color or national origin should not matter when we are buying or renting a home, only our ability to pay.  In this way, fair housing laws protect the sanctity of our free market economy and individual choice.

Look out for our next weekly trivia question on our Facebook page this Thursday.


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