Financing for affordable housing: Webinar on a Virginia Housing Trust Fund

The Campaign for a Virginia Housing Trust Fund will be sponsoring a  “Help Build a Housing Trust Fund” Webinar at 3pm on Thursday, August 25.  We invite advocates, providers, policymakers, consumers and industry representatives from across the state to this participatory event.  The webinar will offer some information about the basics of a housing trust fund and the plans for a Trust Fund in Virginia and what you can do right now to advocate for a Fund in 2012.  The webinar will also allow participants to express their views through online surveys and other participatory tools.  Through this web-based event, the Campaign hopes to attract supporters who have not traditionally been able to participate in HTF activities.

The Campaign will be seeking advice related to:

  • Local housing gaps and needs
  • Types of assistance an HTF should offer
  • Priorities and targeting
  • Administrative features
  • Size of the Fund and Sources of funding

The results of the polling will be immediately available to participants who join online.  The Campaign will use the information provided through the event to continue the education of General Assembly members about the need for and the impact of a Housing Trust Fund.  Registration is filling up but there is still time to join.

Click here to register…


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