Today’s “woah” map: Housing Crisis in Virginia

The impact map above shows the spatial distribution of foreclosures, vacancies and home values across Virginia. The darker the color, the more that locality has been impacted by the housing crisis. The localities outlined in red are the ones with the highest foreclosures. They are listed in the blue table below.

To illustrate the impact of the housing crisis, I evaluated three things:

  1. Foreclosures: I used  RealtyTrac data on Real Estate Owned (REO) properties as of this year to date.
  2. Vacancies: I used the percentage change in residential vacancy data from the 2010 census.
  3. Home prices: I used the Percentage Change in Home Sales and Median Home Sale Price: 2nd Quarter 2008 to 4th Quarter 2010. This is from the Va Association of REALTORS.

This is a guest post by Brian Koziol. Brian is the Housing Policy & Research Analyst with Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Va Inc. He is a graduate of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program from Virginia Commonwealth University. Brian lives in Richmond Va.

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